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Futures/Macro update for week of 10/20/14: it’s easy as ABC or $FXA $FXB $FXC + $IWM

Futures/Macro update for week of 10/20/14: it’s easy as ABC or $FXA $FXB $FXC + $IWM

The USD rally has hit everything… else, including in recent weeks.Using the same weekly price bar time frame and methodology, find below the stock market version, since most traders out there are stock traders. $FXA $FXB $FXC or $6A_F $6B_F $6C_F $AUDUSD $GBPUSD $USDCAD


short 87.6, stop 90.9


short 158.1, stop 161.5


short 88.1, stop 90.5




and “bonus” chart and sell idea $IWM and/or Russell…

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Trades in 60 Seconds: SELLING $AGU $ABX $MOS $MDRX $AU $GES $MAT $OMI $CPA $TS

Trades in 60 Seconds: SELLING $AGU $ABX $MOS $MDRX $AU $GES $MAT $OMI $CPA $TS


This is a fascinating list, following last week’s 60 Seconds list. Usually I filter the list for volumes, highest high, lowest low, etc and give you tidbits for a 60 second slide show. There are NO highs here to speak of, no new longs from this filter, for trade price, high, trading volume and trading volume averages. That being said, there aren’t…

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A “sea” of red for the week 10/13/14: $XHB $TOL $GT $EMR $COG $UTX $HOG $BHP

A “sea” of red for the week 10/13/14: $XHB $TOL $GT $EMR $COG $UTX $HOG $BHP

A sea of red, plain and simple, and I present those that made it to the filters, for new lows, volume and USD traded market value. Overall, you’re either in cash, building “shopping lists”, trading bearish option positions, short stock, or just losing money. Presented below is a mere sample of the recent decline in prices, filtering with weekly price bars, for above average trading volumes, and…

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Futures Charts for week of 10/06/2014 $AUDUSD $USDCAD $CL_F $6A_F $6C_F $FXA $FXC $USO

Futures Charts for week of 10/06/2014 $AUDUSD $USDCAD $CL_F $6A_F $6C_F $FXA $FXC $USO

With weekly price charts, systemic price following traders will miss out on the initial “breakout” as the US Dollar rally took down the entire commodity and USD-denominated complex of futures prices. Silver, the yen, the euro have been sells and Gold and oil have joined in during the past 4 to 6 weeks. Coffee is the one glaring exception, which in a way underlines the very real strength in that…

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Additional “short” ideas for week beg. 10/06/2014

Additional “short” ideas for week beg. 10/06/2014

Evident from this week’s additional “short”/sell ideas, it boils down to a continuation of the drop in the price of crude oil, raw materials and conversely, the rise in the US dollar.


short 54.4, stop 59.7


short 66.7, stop 73.1


short 24.3, stop 28.2


short 31.7, stop 34



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Additional “Long” Trade ideas for week beg. 10/06/2014 $BAC $CCI $NKE $GS $ACT $SCHW $MNK $AMGN $NSC $LMT $MO $HBI $ETP $CNQR $BAH $VRTX $FDX

Additional “Long” Trade ideas for week beg. 10/06/2014 $BAC $CCI $NKE $GS $ACT $SCHW $MNK $AMGN $NSC $LMT $MO $HBI $ETP $CNQR $BAH $VRTX $FDX

This week’s additional (long) ideas indicated continued potential strength in financials.


long 162.7, stop 152.3


long 108.5, stop 92


long 24.7, stop 22.8


long 127, stop 118.7


long 65.7, stop 60.9


long 20, stop 16


long 111.1, stop 103.2


long 46.1, stop 43.8


long 178, stop 168.4


long 139, stop 129.4



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"Change your perception of motion…" - @JamesAltucher

“Change your perception of motion…” – @JamesAltucher

“Change your perception of motion and you change your potential for happiness.” – @JamesAltucher

via James Altucher’s blog post: “How To Master Any Game and Beat Everyone”

“Example: someone wrote to me the other day that they had made $50 million dollars when they were very young. Then very quickly, the person had lost $30 million and was feeling horrible.

…”Well, what if you had simply gone from…

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Regarding the fall of the Euro, bitcoin and all other forex (particularly commodity related ones) , precious metals and most of the raw material complex, it’s been a sight to witness the resurgence of the greenback. #DollabillYo #USD #USDX #DX_F $DX_F $UUP $EURUSD $6E_F