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"Change your perception of motion…" - @JamesAltucher

“Change your perception of motion…” – @JamesAltucher

“Change your perception of motion and you change your potential for happiness.” – @JamesAltucher

via James Altucher’s blog post: “How To Master Any Game and Beat Everyone”

“Example: someone wrote to me the other day that they had made $50 million dollars when they were very young. Then very quickly, the person had lost $30 million and was feeling horrible.

…”Well, what if you had simply gone from…

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Regarding the fall of the Euro, bitcoin and all other forex (particularly commodity related ones) , precious metals and most of the raw material complex, it’s been a sight to witness the resurgence of the greenback. #DollabillYo #USD #USDX #DX_F $DX_F $UUP $EURUSD $6E_F

random musing on bitcoin public ledger + Internet of things => data mining

random musing on bitcoin public ledger + Internet of things => data mining

Can say an toaster, beginnning with OEM I.O.T. of subcomponents, created during a 3D maker’s creation of the bespoke said item, then be put into cloud “public ledger”, so that it can be tracked from usage manufacturing efficiency, through lifetime maintenance, usage rates, consumption habits, ultimately to recycling be data mined? Could then this data mining be part of increasing manufacturing,…

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Additional Ideas for week of 9/29/14 $DXJ $BAC $HD $COST $LB $XLV $MO $MNK $WLP short: $BTU $CBS $VIAB $ABX $OII $ETN $NE $MAT $SDRL $RIG $RDC

Additional Ideas for week of 9/29/14 $DXJ $BAC $HD $COST $LB $XLV $MO $MNK $WLP short: $BTU $CBS $VIAB $ABX $OII $ETN $NE $MAT $SDRL $RIG $RDC

Additional ideas, via weekly price bar and volume filters long $DXJ $BAC $HD $COST $LB $XLV $MO $MNK $WLP short: $BTU $CBS $VIAB $ABX $OII $ETN $NE $MAT $SDRL $RIG $RDC We can see it’s still long large caps in: financials, big box retailers, health and even Japan (hedged) and short energies and media. Price tells the tale of the past quarter. All you have to do is listen and act accordingly.



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Trades in 60 Seconds for 9/29/14: $NKE $AMBA $VRTX $BRCD $DRC $ACT $VALE $FLR $BKLN $CPA $ESV

Trades in 60 Seconds for 9/29/14: $NKE $AMBA $VRTX $BRCD $DRC $ACT $VALE $FLR $BKLN $CPA $ESV


The market is filled with constant reasons to buy, sell, doubt, but there are two constants to focus on, regardless of system, approach, and reasons/motivation for particpation: PRICE and RISK. This blog presents simple weekly price charts, filtered for the audience with…

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Futures review for 9/21/2014: $DX_F $UUP $CL_F $USO $ES_F $NQ_F $6A_F $FXA

Futures review for 9/21/2014: $DX_F $UUP $CL_F $USO $ES_F $NQ_F $6A_F $FXA

The tale of the tape is about 3 letters: U,S and D. The USD has been driving the bus for weeks since the heart of summer season, with a record 10 weeks under its belt. How much longer can we go? No telling.


“Strong Dollar” is probably a big search term now.


Headed back, week after week, back to beneath the earth, driven there by USD’s climb.


Averages say game on.


Averages say it’s back to…

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This week’s broader sell/short list for 9/21/14

This week’s broader sell/short list for 9/21/14

This week, I decided to break out a list of sells, as I see evidence of a group-wide movement among oil service/drillers, which appear to be another way of shorting a USD-denominated commodity, crude oil, and silver. This are symptoms of a record climb (10 weeks and counting) in the U.S. Dollar, which might be the beneficiary of forces including the Federal Reserve taper and a begrudging European…

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This week’s broader ideas list for week of 9/21/14: from $AKAM to $ZTS

This week’s broader ideas list for week of 9/21/14: from $AKAM to $ZTS


In a few words, tech, financial services and cyclical/industrial plays with surprises like NOKIA ($NOK). If you drill for black gold, you’re out of luck but you’re just passing gas (forgive the pun), you’re making money. Oil services in drilling…

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It’s business as usual for those who focus on price and risk management. Learning to focus on price has helped me manage years of armchair talk/media noise about a collapsing European periphery, the rise of China, the end of the “way things used to be” in…

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